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Couples Massage

              Deal Price    $130 for 60 minutes or $195 for 90 minutes

Enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage for you & a loved one or with a friend for a special "Girls Day Out".  Performed on two warm, comfortable tables in a single room or, if you prefer, separate rooms.  Warm towels are applied to the back & feet.  What a treat! 

Couples massages are available evenings and weekends.  This service must be scheduled by phone and cannot be booked online. Call 330-221-4899.


Deluxe Spa Massage with Warm Stones

              Deal Price    $95

Whether you choose to indulge in serenity or get the knots out, enjoy an extremely relaxing Swedish massage with warm stones designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation while easing muscle tension.

Our featured Sugar Polish is applied to the back to slough off dead skin cells and smooth the skin's surface followed by a body butter to moisturize and soften.  You will also enjoy a delightful Salt Glow scrub to the feet with a touch of Reflexology using a rich, butter cream.  This whipped wonder is packed with moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin supple, well-nourished and smooth.

We've added a soft, soothing and moisturizing hand treatment.  Your hands are kept cozy and warm with moisturizing paraffin, leaving them soft and supple.

Finishing with soothing, Aromatherapy Warm Towels infused with Essential Oils.

This is one of our BEST sellers.  A GREAT value!

Please allow up to 75 minutes session time.


The Stress Buster

              Deal Price    $90

This session is great for those of you who are short on time but desire a facial treatment and a massage.  With our "Stress Buster", you can have both!

Our "Stress Buster" features a relaxing massage for your neck, shoulders, back, hands & feet as well as a Hydrating Facial Massage with will leave you with a fresh face and a calm mind, body & spirit.  Luxurious Rose massage cream  & Orange scented moisturizer.

It's a wonderful combination treat!

Up to 70 minutes.


King or Queen for a Day! Spa Experience

              Deal Price    $125

This amazing getaway package includes:

  1. A Full Body Aromatherapy Steam Treatment which includes a back & foot exfoliant featuring our Sugar & Salt scrubs
  2. A "Stress Buster" (neck, Shoulders & Back Massage with Warm Basalt Stones)
  3. 3. Hydrating Facial Massage (includes arm, hand, lower leg & foot massage)

Their body will be indulged in our "Steamy Canopy".  Their back and feet will be exfoliated with the finest sugar and oils to slough off dead skin then moisturized to leave their skin supple & renewed.

This package is ideal for the loved one in your life.  They will leave here feeling completely invigoratd, refreshed and renewed.

Please allow up to 120 minutes of session time.


Four-Hand Massage

              Deal Price    $130

This is the perfect massage for the person who is stressed, has difficulty relaxing for sleeping.  Performed synergistically by two therapists, a deeper sense fo relaxation is created.  When two therapists are working on your body, your mind reacts in a different way and the central nervous system soon stops trying to anticipate each massage movement.  A powerful treatment for those who find it difficult to let go during treatments.

A 60 minute session feels like receiving two massages at the same time.  

Four-handed massages are available evenings and weekends.  This service must be scheduled by phone and cannot be booked online. Call 216-221-4899.


How to Give a Great Back Rub Class for Couples

              Deal Price    $80

Would you like to give your significant other a great back massage but don't know what to do?  Or your hands ache after 5 minutes?  Learn how to give your significant other a back massage they will love without hurting your hands.  This class is lots of fun for both of you.  This is a hands-on class.

90 minutes of session time.

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted, as well as check or cash.  Ohio sales tax (6.5%) added to all services.

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